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  Tech Tip

Never clean the seats or instrument panel with anything except clear water and a soft rag.




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You have found the ultimate source of Vette information on the Internet, or should I say InterVette! This Vette site is different because the people who visit, that would be YOU, add stuff for FREE! Bookmark it now before you can't remember how you found it. is not run by a big corporation, it's updated by one guy, RJ, who owns a 1980 L-82 Vette and created this site for Vette fanatics. Pop the hood and take a look at the Site Map...


I'm thinking of doing a frame-off restoration of Please email your suggestions to improve this site or what mods you would like to see to make this site a killer Vette experience.



Vette Vibes are full of anything and everything I choose to write about. You can speak your mind on the Letters & Stories page.




The classified listings are FREE! What's the catch? There is no catch! Placing your listing in the in the Vettes For Sale or the Parts For Sale won't cost you a thing. You can even add a picture to your listing. Other web sites charge you for classified listings but not Use the Vettes Wanted if you need a Vette. If you are looking to buy or sell something related to the Vette, this is the place.


You want Vette pictures? You got Vette Pictures! Tons of killer Vette pictures like the one below. The Vette Voyage will blow your mind as you travel through time.


One of the 196 Visitor's Vettes.

Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.


Don't run with scissors! Fire is hot! No, not that kind of advice! This is the place to get advice about Vettes that you can use. The Ask The Vette Pros page has answers to common Vette questions. Check the How To listings to get tips and tricks or share your favorite tip. The Modified Vettes page is for those who feel the need for speed and like to brag about it!


Information overload! All kinds of info about Vettes. Decode your V.I.N. number. Use the Owner Trace to find out who sat in the driver's seat of your Vette before you did. Check the Mega Search page for more info.


Almost as much fun as cruisin' in a Vette. Need somethin' to do this weekend, find Clubs or Events in your area. Use the Vette-O-Meter to see if you have an insane Vette brain. The Vette Quizzes will test the best. Take a look at the visitor's License Plates. Join's Vettopia web club. Plus many more pages-o-fun.


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Are you trying to find a gift for that special Vette owner? If so check here for all kinds of great Gift Ideas. Also, check the Billboard for cool stuff on the web. Please click on the banners and buy stuff from these advertisers so this site stays FREE! It's that simple. Thanks!



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  Vette Fact

There were no Vettes painted Black by the factory from 1970 to 1976.


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Need more Vette information? Check out the Mega Vette Search!

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